An epic poem about cleaning and the human condition.

Everyone’s Got Cooties

In a world where division is championed and judgmental thinking runs rampant, Everyone's Got Cooties celebrates our shared humanity in a fun, playful way.

No need for shame
we’re all the same
everyone’s got cooties!

Meet The Author – Maria Castellano-Usery

Maria Castellano-Usery is an artist who has been referred to as a "local superwoman". Maria has been raising money and awareness for more than 30 different local and national charities, non-profits, and causes since December 2015 through her monthly Brushstrokes With Impact™ "Paint-a-Thon" campaigns.


Kind words for Everyone’s Got Cooties

“I love it! The colors are vivid and engaging." - Annika Black, Children's Librarian, Norway Memorial Library, Norway ME